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Cookie Policy


By using our website or our services, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy. A “cookie” is a small file placed on your device that enables some of the features that we can offer. For example, we can place cookies in your browser when it loads our site. We may also place cookies on your device when it accesses or uses certain parts of our site. We use cookies to give you the best user experience. You may opt to restrict cookies as described below.

Third parties, including trusted partner sites and analytic firms, can also place cookies on your device. These third party cookies can help us with some of the functions described below, including platform monitoring, advertising and behavioral analysis.


We or our third party suppliers may use cookies as follows:

Authentication and security

If you have a user account on our site, cookies help us to identify the account, make it easier for you to log-in, facilitate our security system and detect malicious activities.

Configurations, functions and services

Cookies can remember communication preferences, populate order forms, facilitate e-commerce services, enable of user-defined content and functions, and enhance ease of use.


We may use cookies or advertisements to show you third party products, and to find out if you have visited or dealt with an advertiser or a third party. Our partners may use a cookie to determine if we have shown an ad and how it works, or provide us with information on how you interface with ads. We and our associates may also use cookies to track websites, pages or links you have browsed, and how you interact with them. Through cookies, relevant advertising may continue to appear after you leave our website, while you browse the web and use mobile applications or search engines.


We use cookies to understand, improve and develop our website, services or products and functions. We analyze inbound traffic from other sites, applications or devices such as computers, tablets or mobile devices. We can study information about the purchases you make analyze, or the links that you click on, in an effort to continuously improve our site and make it more appealing.

Affiliate Marketing

We may use cookies to support our affiliate marketing efforts. If you visit one of our affiliates or partners and interact with an ad or a link to our site, the browser will receive a tracking cookie that tells us that you have found us through the affiliate or partner.

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